The 5 Most Effective Sales Techniques

Most Effective Sales Techniques and ideas to increase sales
The 5 Most Effective Sales Techniques

I am assuming you went into business to make money right? In order to do so, there are certain skills you need to put into practice and selling is one of them. As with every skill, there is a technique that will assist you in maximizing your profits. We have all had salespeople knock at our door, one week, you get the shy guy with no confidence who trips over his words, goes red in the face and its pretty clear he has no idea what he is doing, within 10 seconds you have decided that you are not interested in the product he has to sell. The following week, another guy comes to your door selling the same product, but he is bold, enthusiastic and confident before you know it, he’s sitting in your front room and you are signing your life away. The only difference between the two men is that one had mastered the technique of selling and the other hadn’t. Regardless of the product or service you are providing, if you are going to be successful, it is essential that you learn how to sell. Here are 5 Awesome Ways to Boost Sales from zero to one hundred instantly.

1.         Know Your Product:

Have you ever been into a store and wanted more information about a product and the sales assistant couldn’t answer your questions? They either lie, talk over you, or say they are going to ask their manager, disappear and don’t come back! I am sure most people reading this can testify to a similar scenario. If CEO’s were aware of how little their staff knew about what they were selling, the majority of them would be out of a job. The bottom line is that if you can’t get what you need from one company, you are going to move onto the next until you find it. Whether you are a one-man band or run a multimillion-dollar corporation, make sure that you know your product like the back of your hand. You may have to invest some money in training your staff, but it will be of great benefit to you in the long run.

2.         Know Your Audience:

Your customers are the most important element of your business, if it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t have a company to operate. Therefore, it is essential that you know exactly who they are, what they want and why they want what they want so that you can serve them effectively. Companies who don’t strive to understand their customers lose out in the long run. Take Blockbuster, for example, they went out of business when the internet started to explode; however, had they invested more time and money engaging with their customers they would have found that many of them were turning to other sources because it was more convenient for them. You can keep up to date with the needs of your audience by conducting market research, sending out questionnaires and conducting focus groups to gain insight into the mind of your customers.

3.         Be Confident in Your Product:

Like the scenario presented in the introduction, the main reason why salesman number one was a failure was because, not only did he not have any confidence in himself, he didn’t have any confidence in the product. A person who is confident in what they are selling can sell anything to anyone. There is a psychology to this if they are so passionate about it, the curiosity of the buyer is piqued, they too want to know what’s so amazing about this product. Once you can get the buyer emotionally attached to the product, you have a sale.

4.         Unique Products:

Let’s face it, there is nothing new under the sun, whatever products or services you are offering, there is another company out there selling the same thing. However, the key is to stand out from the crowd, what is it about your products that make them different to everyone else’s? It must be something tangible that your audience can see and appreciate. This can be anything from your outstanding customer service to your loyalty program to the overall quality of your products. Whatever it is, make sure it is dynamic and you will never be short of customers.

5.         Customer Engagement:

There is nothing worse than a company that doesn’t know how to engage with their customers. We are living in an era where social media can make or break your business. If you upset an influencer with 100,000 followers, all they need to do is send out one tweet to their fan base about how much they hate your company and you’ve lost a large percentage of your customers. The bottom line is that we are social animals, we enjoy communicating with one another, when you make the effort to reach out to your customer base it does several things:

  • It shows that you are interested in their needs
  • It allows you to plan ahead, the more you engage, the more information you get about what your customers want
  • It strengthens customer loyalty
  • It shortens the sales cycle
  • It encourages word of mouth
  • It allows you to tell your side of the story


    I could write an entire article about the benefits of customer engagement, but that is not what this post is about. However, customer engagement is one of the most effective ideas to increase sales that will definitely put your company on the map.

Final Thought

There is much more to the success of your business than knowing what to do, if you are going to be a true winner, implementation is key. Everything mentioned in this article must be applied in order to see results, it is also important that you are persistent because change doesn’t take place overnight. Do your research, brainstorm, strategize and find out what works best for you and it won’t take long before you start to see a positive turn around in your company.

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